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World Cup will be just one more proud Kansas City attraction

Points of pride

I think it is awesome that Kansas City will host World Cup games, and that we have our superheroes in the Chiefs and Royals. However, we are also fortunate to have other attractions and events.

For example, we have the Kansas City Ballet, which recently presented a fabulous “The Wizard of Oz.” And just last week, the Kansas City Symphony brought us Augustin Hadelich, one of the greatest violinists of our time who is cited worldwide for his phenomenal technique. He was led by guest host Ryan Bancroft, who first came to international attention in 2018.

All of metropolitan Kansas City needs to know about and appreciate all we have to offer in this wonderful Midwest city.

– Sylvia J.Swift Smith, Lee’s Summit

‘Titanic’ a triumph

My husband had a memorable Father’s Day as we enjoyed the Music Theater Heritage production of the musical “Titanic.” The story was breathtaking from beginning to end, as the history of the Titanic disaster unraveled. A large cast with a variety of outstanding voices told the story of the ship and the people on board. From beginning to end, it was a moving production.

The show will be at MTH through July 3. Those who enjoy live theater will find “Titanic” mesmerizing. Enjoy.

– Julie Conne gladstone

KCATA problems

The Star’s recent articles concerning issues with KCATA service are spot-on. (June 16, 1A, “KC’s bus problems not because of money, says mayor”) Money is not going to cure the problems The agency seems to run the streetcar fine, with pleasant folks, but what a change when you step on a city bus. And the “Bus On-Time” program is a joke.

As director of the Truman Road Corridor Association, I have asked twice to meet about service on the East Side. Don’t answer.

Free service has only compounded the problem.

Take the same management skills you use for the streetcar and apply them to the city bus routes.

-David Beersmith Kansas City

There was fire

After watching hours of the congressional hearings on the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol, I have come to one conclusion: There is obviously enough evidence to bring charges against numerous individuals.

What the charges should be, I do not know. But there was definitely an attack on our country and our Constitution.

-Ken Henderson Kansas City

Biden’s reverse

I really shouldn’t drink coffee when I read the paper. When I turned to Page 6A of the June 16 Star and saw the headline “Biden tells oil refiners: Produce more gas, fewer profits,” I choked so hard the Folgers came out my nose.

After pontificating since Inauguration Day that we need to do whatever we can to battle climate change, President Joe Biden’s U-turn is truly hilarious. And what was the noble reason for doing so? Democrats’ chances in the midterm elections are in jeopardy because of inflation.

Now, I don’t remember anyone saying that fighting climate change was going to be easy, but it appears the administration can’t stand any pain whatsoever.

I ask you: What’s more important here, saving the planet or getting elected?

-Graham Marcott Fairways

protect workers

Election officials may long for days when they were allowed to work undisturbed. Once a routine role, the job is now seen as dangerous by 1 in 3 election officials, and many are leaving their positions because of the harassment and even death threats they’re facing. The threats are coming from people emboldened by unfounded claims of election fraud.

Will there be enough people to keep the polls open? What can be done to support our election officials, who are on the front lines protecting voters’ essential access to fair elections?

The Department of Justice can offer support by prosecuting those who make threats. State and local legislators can pass laws that make it easier for election workers to protect their personal information and protect the system from political interference. Ask the election officials what they need to feel safe.

Reach out to your local election officials and let them know you appreciate the work they are doing to protect democracy. Tell your family and friends what’s going on and ask them to get involved. It is a threat to our democratic election process, and that concerns us all.

– Victoria L. Hager, Kansas City


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