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The West’s Deadly Attraction To The Islamic Republic Of Iran

For greater than a yr, the Iranian inhabitants has taken to the streets to ask for extra rights and extra jobs. Nonetheless, it appears that evidently the West turned conscious solely now of the existence of demonstrations in Iran in opposition to the dictatorial regime. The Iranians have tried in each doable technique to talk to the West that the regime of the ayatollahs doesn’t symbolize them. This turned clear with the elections of June 2021, by which the true winner was not the present ultra-conservative president Ebrahim Raisi, however “the boycott.” The Iranians had in actual fact chosen to not go to vote, so as to not give legitimacy to the federal government.[1]

“See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Communicate No Evil”

Since June 2021, the frequency of the demonstrations, with cries of “Down with the supreme chief Khamenei,”[2] “Loss of life to the Dictator,” “Sufficient with Khamenei,” “We’re not afraid,” and “Unite, Unite,” has elevated to develop into a day by day incidence.[3] In a viral video from August 2021, Iranian composer Sattar Oraki bravely stated from the stage of the impartial documentary movie pageant in Tehran: “I don’t attend the Friday prayers, however on this event, I’m imagined to chant some slogans, and say : Loss of life to America, Israel… However now we have already shouted these demise slogans many occasions. Loss of life to that group of incompetent and insufficient officers who introduced our nation to this state! Loss of life to these officers! Loss of life! I hope that the bullets that they intention and shoot on the chests of our youths will quickly [become] a spear that may flip in opposition to them, [as punishment] for the youths who search water, meals, and work, and are killed on this means.”[4]

Sadly, solely after the killing of the younger Mahsa Amini, arrested and overwhelmed to demise by the morality police for not “correctly” sporting her hijab, the West is realizing that Iranians don’t need this regime. However, regardless of the bewilderment, america nonetheless appears to wish to dialogue with Iran, in haste out of a want to achieve an settlement and renew the nuclear deal.[5] But, this implies persevering with to legitimize the ayatollahs’ rule, whilst women and men within the streets of Tehran shout: “Khamenei, [you] evil man, we’ll bury you within the floor!”[6]

Therefore, it’s turning into more and more self-evident that the Iranian regime is being saved alive by the West itself, which appears to have a tender spot for Islamic dictatorships. In the course of the Arab Spring, all Western newspapers promoted and cheered the collapse of secular dictatorships, akin to these of Tunisia’s Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak. But, on the subject of an Islamic dictatorship, the worldwide media “see no evil, hear no evil, communicate no evil.” Nobody talks about or helps the Iranian those who, since final June 2021, are always demonstrating in opposition to the regime and its symbols (such because the hijab).

(Supply: MEMRI TV clip #9837, Violent Clashes, Protests Proceed In Iran After Loss of life Of Lady At Arms Of Morality Police For ‘Improperly’ Sporting Her Scarf: Be Cautious Of The Day When We Have Weapons! Khamenei, We Will Bury You! Loss of life To The Islamic Republic! Loss of life To The Dictator!September 19, 2022)

The West’s Deafness To The Cry For Freedom

Now that the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini has been killed, the worldwide media will make some noise – however not an excessive amount of – commenting concerning the oppression of the headband, whereas telling us a second later that the hijab is an emblem of cultural delight , however with out placing an excessive amount of doubtful the ayatollahs’ regime. The media could inform us that Raisi is “unhealthy,” as a result of he belongs to the “conservative” camp, whereas Mohammad Khatami was “good,” as a result of he was a “reformist.” But, Raisi and Khatami are a part of the identical regime, as they each acknowledge the Islamic Republic and its supreme chief Khamenei. However, the Iranians are telling us loud and clear through the demonstrations: “Loss of life to the Velayat!” The Velayat-e-Faqih (“Rule of the Jurisprudent”) is the system of governance in Iran that entrusts rule over the state to the clergy.[7] Nonetheless, after a number of weeks of speaking about Mahsa Amini, the West will overlook her, as has already occurred prior to now, as a result of the inexplicable deadly attraction of the West towards the Islamist regimes and actions (from the Muslim Brotherhood to the Islamic Republic of Iran) is louder than any cry for freedom.

*Anna Mahjar-Barducci is a MEMRI Senior Analysis Fellow

[1] In line with the official information, the turnout was round 48.8 p.c and there have been 3.7 million invalid ballots., June 20, 2021.

[2], Could 9, 2022.

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