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The Religious Testomony of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

The Holy See releases the Religious Testomony of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, dated 29 August 2006.

My religious testomony

When, at this late hour of my life, I look again on the many years I’ve wandered by, I see to begin with how a lot motive I’ve to provide thanks. Above all, I thank God Himself, the giver of all good items, who has given me life and guided me by all types of confusion; who has at all times picked me up after I started to slide, who has at all times given me anew the sunshine of his countenance from him. Looking back, I see and perceive that even the darkish and arduous stretches of this path had been for my salvation and that He guided me effectively in these very stretches.

I thank my mother and father, who gave me life in tough occasions and ready an exquisite house for me with their love, which shines by all my days as a shiny mild till at this time. My father’s clear-sighted religion taught us brothers and sisters to imagine and stood agency as a information within the midst of all my scientific information; my mom’s heartfelt piety and nice kindness from her stay a legacy for which I can not thank her sufficient. My sister has served me selflessly and filled with form concern for many years; my brother has at all times paved the way in which for me with the clear-sightedness of his judgments from him, along with his highly effective willpower from him, and with the cheerfulness of his coronary heart from him; with out this ever-new going forward and going alongside, I’d not have been capable of finding the appropriate path.

I thank God from the underside of my coronary heart for the numerous buddies, women and men, whom He has at all times positioned at my facet; for the co-workers in any respect phases of my path; for the lecturers and college students He has given me. I gratefully entrust all of them to His goodness from him. And I want to thank the Lord for my lovely house within the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, wherein I used to be in a position to see the splendor of the Creator Himself shining by again and again. I thank the individuals of my homeland for permitting me to expertise the great thing about religion again and again. I pray that our nation will stay a rustic of religion and I ask you, pricey compatriots, to not let your religion be distracted. Lastly, I thank God for all the wonder I used to be in a position to expertise throughout the numerous phases of my journey, however particularly in Rome and in Italy, which has change into my second house.

I say sorry from the underside of my coronary heart from all these whom I’ve wronged not directly.

What I mentioned earlier of my compatriots, I now say to all who had been entrusted to my service within the Church: Stand agency within the religion! Don’t be confused! Usually it appears as if science – on the one hand, the pure sciences; on the opposite, historic analysis (particularly the exegesis of the Holy Scriptures) – has irrefutable insights to supply which can be opposite to the Catholic religion. I’ve witnessed from occasions long gone the adjustments in pure science and have seen how obvious certainties towards the religion vanished, proving themselves to not be science however philosophical interpretations solely apparently belonging to science – simply as, furthermore, it’s in dialogue with the pure sciences that religion has discovered to grasp the bounds of the scope of its affirmations and thus its personal specificity. For 60 years now, I’ve accompanied the trail of theology, particularly biblical research, and have seen seemingly unshakeable theses collapse with the altering generations, which turned out to be mere hypotheses: the liberal technology (Harnack, Jülicher, and so forth.), the existentialist technology (Bultmann, and so forth.), the Marxist technology. I’ve seen, and see, how, out of the tangle of hypotheses, the reasonableness of religion has emerged and is rising anew. Jesus Christ is actually the Manner, the Reality, and the Life-and the Church, in all her shortcomings, is actually His Physique of him.

Lastly, I humbly ask: pray for me, in order that the Lord could admit me to the everlasting dwellings, regardless of all my sins and shortcomings. For all these entrusted to me, my heartfelt prayer goes out day after day.

Benedictus PP XVI.


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