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Here are some Vastu secrets to avoid debts and loans- The New Indian Express

When uncontrolled, debts and loans can result in a downward spiral in one’s finances. It becomes like a whirlpool where the person can get trapped and sucked without finding a way to come out of it. That is also a reason why our parents and grandparents were dead against taking a loan.

They used caution, to stretch your legs according to the coverlet. With changes in lifestyle and thought processes, however, we, in the current generation, do not hesitate in taking loans to meet our aspirations and sometimes our needs.

Financial experts distinguish between good debts and bad debts, and they are right to a large extent. For instance, taking loans for foreign travel, large television or a bigger car is bad debt, but expanding your business or buying an appreciating asset like a house or commercial space can be considered good debt. Irrespective, there are always chances of falling into a debt trap. As per Vastushastra, balancing the five elements and eight directions can provide you with the skills and determination to avoid the debt trap.

Good energies, in and around you, will always bring you a steady flow of money and finances. Balancing your home and office according to Vastu principles helps you balance your impulses and thoughts, thereby enabling you to make the right decisions and actions.

There are five main directional zones which can cause a debt trap: the Vastu zone of clarity of mind which is the northeast; the zone of churning and anxiety, the east of southeast; the zone of wasteful efforts and unwanted expenses, the south of the southwest, the north zone of opportunities; and the southeast which is the zone of cash flow.

If one or more of these zones have a Vastu defect, it can result in unmanaged loans and debts. On the other hand, when these zones are healthy and balanced, a person does not make wrong decisions and is clear on when and for what he should take a loan and how to repay them. The first is to identify these five directions and then analyze them. Stand at the center of the house with a compass and identify where these zones lie.

Most of the time, financial problems are a result of poor decision-making, lack of proper planning and impulsive behaviour. If there is clutter, dustbin, toilet, sewer-pit, brooms, entangled wires or dysfunctional electrical equipment in this direction, they can occlude your thinking, resulting in poor financial planning and decisions. Clear clutter from the northeast and place a Buddha statue here. You can also place a water fountain or waterfall in the northeast to enhance the energy of the zone.

As per Vastu principles, the southeast is the direction for cash flow. A Vastu disturbance in this direction can result in money getting stuck. If you are only in debt, it further complicates your problems leading to surmounting debts. If there is an underground water tank, blue or black colors in this zone, it can cause money to be stuck with your customers and suppliers. The kitchen in this direction is best to ensure continuity of cash flow.

East of Southeast
The east of the southeast is the Vastu zone of anxiety and churning. Sitting or sleeping in the zone can cause anxiety and endless thoughts, thereby making it difficult to make wise decisions. This is the zone where you can place the mixer-grinder at home. If that is not possible, hang a picture of Ma Yashoda churning butter. This is not the right zone for the kitchen stove, so shift it towards the southeast.

South of Southwest
As per Vastu, the south-south-west is the zone of wasted expenditures. If you sleep in this zone or have the main entrance of the house/office in this direction or if your worktable is in this direction of the office, you will find it difficult to come out from the vicious cycle of mounting debts as it leads to complete disposal of wealth and assets. Applying simple yet powerful Vastu rectifications
can help you overcome this situation in a few months. This may require consultation with
a qualified Vastu consultant.

Along with the southeast described above, the north zone is another one which can be used to indirectly overcome mounting debts. The north zone is for opportunities and its element is Water. Any presence of red, purple, violet and pink in the north will hamper new orders, opportunities and promotions for the occupants. You can hang a picture of a green jungle in the north to activate the opportunities in your profession or business.

Application of these simple Vastu remedies will go a long way in overcoming mounting debts and loans. You will be able to make the right financial choices and plan your wealth better. The author is a well-known Vastu and geopathic stress corrections consultant, and astrologer

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