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FIFA World Cup Qatar Profile & Prediction

France”Kind your battalions”
Because the French anthem La Marseillaise signifies to revolutionaries, it may be utilized to France’s World Cup rivals. With the bottom of the 2018 Champion staff, with new proficient gamers, and with Mbappé at his peak, Les Bleus come sturdy for the third cup, the second in a row.

Starplayer- Kylian Mbappe
Title received – FIFA World Champions (1998, 2018), UEFA European Champions (1984, 2000), UEFA Nations League Champions (2021)
Nickname- Les Bleus (The Blues)

Identify in official language: France
abbreviation: FRA
Capital: Paris
forex: Euro (EUR)
language: French
Anthem: La Marseillaise (The Marseillaise)
Space: 640,679 Km2
Inhabitants: 67.4 million
Nation Image: Gallic Rooster
State Chief: President Emmanuel Macron

Origin of title: The title France comes from the Latin Francia, which suggests Land of the Franks, civilization that inhabited Gaul, which by itself, means “Free”.

Fundamental-Squad (3-4-1-2) – Lloris (c) – Varane, Kimpembe, L.Hernández – Pavard, Pogba, Kanté, T.Hernández – Griezmann – Mbappé, Benzema
Coach: Didier Deschamps

Prediction – Semifinals / Ultimate

Australia Playoff Kings”
Since 1974, after they first participated within the World Cup in West Germany, the Aussies have virtually all the time “hit the put up” within the repechages, it was like this in 1986 in opposition to Scotland, 1994 with Argentina, 1998 with Iran and 2002 with Uruguay. From there luck turned, the staff turned the “Kings” of the playoffs. Honduras received in 2018 in addition to Uruguay and Peru on penalties in 2006 and 2022, respectively.

Starplayer- Aaron Mooy
Title received – AFC Asian Champions (2015), OFC Nations Cup Winners (1980, 1996, 2000, 2004)
Nickname- Socceroos (Soccer Kangaroos)

Identify in official language: Español
abbreviation: AUS
Capital: Canberra
forex: Australian greenback (AUD)
language: Español
Anthem: Advance Australia Honest
Space: 7,692,024 Km2
Inhabitants: 26.0 million
Nation Image: kangaroo
State Chief: King Charles III

Origin of title: Originating from the Latin Terra Australis Incognita, which suggests “Unknown Southern Land”.

Fundamental-Squad (4-5-1) – Ryan (c) – Atkinson, Wright, Souttar, Behich – Irvine, Hrustic, Mooy, Boyle, Leckie – Duke
Coach: Graham Arnold

Prediction – First Spherical

denmark The brand new Danish Dynamite?

The Nineteen Eighties had been the heyday of “Danish Dynamite”. The staff that enchanted the world at Euro 84 and the Mexican Cup in 1986 solely achieved one thing with the bureaucratic soccer of 1992. It arrives in Qatar with its 80s DNA, enchant.

Starplayer- kasper schmeichel
Title received – UEFA European Champions (1992)
Nickname- danish dynamite

Identify in official language: danish
abbreviation: GIVE
Capital: copenhagen
forex: Danish Krone (DKK)
language: danish
Anthem: Der er et yndigt land (There’s a lovely nation)
Space: 42,933 Km2
Inhabitants: 5.8 million
Nation Image: Swan
State Chief: queen margaret ii

Origin of title: Actually “Mark of Dane”, from territorial boundary mark from the Carolingian epoch, decided by the Danish Forest south of Schleswig. Dane refers back to the historical individuals who inhabited the place, the Danes, in tribute to the legendary King Dan, a North Germanic tribe from Scandinavia.

Fundamental-Squad (3-4-1-2) – Schmeichel – Christensen, Kjaer (c), Vestergaard – Wass, Hojbjerg, Delaney, Maehle – Eriksen – Skov Olsen, Dolberg
Coach: Kasper Hjulmand

Prediction – Spherical of 16 / Quarterfinals

Tunisian “The Eagles of Cartaghe”
Carthage was an essential Phoenician and Berber metropolis in North Africa within the Historical Age. Level of battle, primarily with the Roman Empire, which dictated the Punic Wars that virtually ended each areas, this buying and selling put up has all the time been a spotlight of resounding protection and resilience, one thing that its successor, Tunisia, has in abundance. In the event you lack approach, there may be numerous dedication to move the extent in an unprecedented means.

Starplayer- Youssef Msakni
Title received – CAF African Cup of Nations Winners (2004)
Nickname- Les Aigles de Cartaghe (The Eagles of Cartaghe)

Identify in official language: Tunisia
abbreviation: YOU N
Capital: Tunisia
forex: Tunisian Dinar (TND)
language: French, Arabic, Berber
Anthem: Humat al-Hima (Defenders of the Fatherland)
Space: 163,610 Km2
Inhabitants: 11.7 million
Nation Image: Pink Star and Crescent Moon
State Chief: President Kais Saied

Origin of title: “Land of Tunisia”. Capital Tunis is called after homage to the Phoenician goddess of prosperity, Tanit: Chief of Carthage within the Punic Wars, later adopted as a Berber entity.

Fundamental-Squad (4-3-3) – Ben Saïd – Dräger, Talbi, Ifa, Abdi – Laïdouni, Ben Romdhane, Sassi – Sliti, Msakni (c), Khazri
Coach: Jalel Kadri

Prediction – First Spherical


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