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Antilles’ many attractions persuades buyers

Lucitt & Co.

Location, architecture and amenities are its strongest assets

Antilles’ serene location is key to its ability to offer a year round resort lifestyle. No street noises interfere with its peaceful ambience. No neighboring high-rises crowd out the views. Even during the height of season, being set back at the far end of a long approach affords Antilles endless hours of peace and tranquility. The site’s natural beauty is insulated by surrounding wetland preserves and deep landscape installations augmented by JMD Development’s addition of 550 Sabal palm trees to further distinguish the community. Nothing but leafy palms and tropical foliage can brush against Antilles’ horizon wide views. Rookery Bay Reserve is its neighbor to the west. The majesty of local and migratory birds’ flight patterns across Its 110,000 acres of protected lakes and habitats have added graceful highlights to the daily routines of Antilles’ homeowners.

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